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Angelina Millaré, Founder

Content Publishing Champion | Tech Strategist | GPT Prompt Engineer & Nerd

My name is Angelina Millaré, and I’m a Tech Strategist with over 25 years of cross industry experience.  Over the years, I’ve worn many hats (often more than one at a time).  No matter what title or industry I’m working in, my value add has been helping individuals and organizations integrate technology with ease. My zone of genius has been doing so in a way that allows them to meet and exceed goals within their time and budget (no matter how tight), in spite of limitations and barriers.  

I created this site as a space to explore GPT use cases, and inspire conversation and experimentation with as many people as possible.  

As GPT continues to grow at incredible speed, I believe that it is essential to ensure that organizations and individuals from all backgrounds have access to this tool, and the advantages that come with its use.

I also believe that having greater diversity in the training of AI models, and in the discussion of how and when this technology are incorporated into our lives is critical.  It is my hope that what I share here, and any support I am able to offer (through speaking, consulting or otherwise) helps achieve this end.

If you have a question, ideas…or need support incorporating GPT, I’d love to hear from you!