3 Insider Tips for Generating Custom Content to Reach Your Goals

Want to get more out of your GPT content? Use these 3 insider tips to get content that matches how YOU need to use it, and meets your goal!

Tip #1: Include Details and Roles

Get custom responses by including details about what you’re generating the content for.  To help GPT understand how to think about it, include a role to give it a POV (i.e. – “Online Store owner selling custom shirts”)

Tip #2: Give GPT a Goal

What would you like your content to do for you? Give GPT the goal of your content (i.e. – email opt in, purchase, link click, view, etc) so that it can create content that targets your specific need.

Tip #3: Request Output Formatting

Make the content you generate more useful and easier to read by requesting how you’d like the output formatted (i.e. – word count, bulleted list, in a table, etc).  This is also helpful when generating more than one content suggestion (i.e. – a series of social media posts and related hashtags)