GPT Use Case: YouTube Video Content Creation for Realtors

In this GPT Use Case example, we explore how a Realtor can use GPT to generate a content plan for using YouTube to market by video, to replace or support traditional methods such as the classic “door knocking” campaign.  Watch as we create a content plan, and generate a localized video script. We’ll also remix this content to create short form videos for YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Key Point Timestamps

02:06 – How to generate suggestions for viral YouTube video titles designed to establish a local realtor as an expert in their market, displayed in a table including: titles, tags, and video descriptions

05:44 – How to write a script for one of the suggested videos, customizing to include the local market and realtor name

07:12 – How to rewrite script for short form content such as YouTube shorts.