GPT Use Case: Individualized Learning for K-12 Educators

In this GPT Use Case example, we go over how K-12 educators can use GPT to develop individualized learning and assessment resources based on a student’s reading level, to help close the achievement gap while saving hours of research and prep time.

Key Point Timestamps

04:14 – How to create suggested reading list for culturally themed months, organized by Lexile reading levels

08:49 – How to create a suggested reading list for a themed month, displayed in table listed by specific Lexile reading level bands

11:10 – How to outline an instructional article (750-1000 words) introducing the Water Cycle

14:01 – How to write comprehension questions for an instructional article

15:11 – How to rewrite the article above and the comprehension questions at a specific Lexile reading level

17:31 – How to write 3 cloze style questions based on the instructional article, and rewrite at a specific Lexile reading level

19:35 – How to create a table of questions and answers (in the style of Jeopardy) based on the article above