GPT Use Case: Expanding & Repurposing Blog Content

In this GPT Use Case example, we take a look at how a style blogger can use GPT to build upon (and add to the shelf life of) their most popular articles, by generating related content.  We also look at how seamlessly GPT is able to create related social media posts based on this content, to drive traffic to the site.

Key Point Timestamps

02:04 – How to generate potential blog articles to link back to the most popular post, written in the voice for the target audience 

05:49 – How to draft a 750-word article based on one of the generated topics

07:06 – Collaborative editing process

09:42 – How to generate 5 social media post ideas designed to engage readers and drive traffic to this blog post, displaying in a table that includes: descriptions of image suggestions, captions, and related hashtags