GPT Use Case: Designing & Promoting Training

In this GPT Use Case example, we go over how using GPT to develop training programs and their related materials for a Community Development Organization can save hours and thousands of dollars.

Key Point Timestamps

02:14 – Create an outline for a half day training workshop 

03:30 – Write a job posting to attract a person that is qualified to deliver the training

05:06 – Curate a list of support resources form creating workshop handouts

06:04 – Create resource handout from generated list of resources

06:26 – Request content edit to display handout information as a table, including clickable links, and contact information

08:33 – Create a glossary of key terms from the generated workshop outline

09:46 – Create workshop presentation slide content, with trainer’s script and suggested images listed for each slide

12:56 – Create a flier promoting the outlined workshop

14:07 – Create an email to send inviting local businesses to register for this training

15:17 – Create a registration landing page for with FAQ for the training

17:28 – Create a table containing 7 social media posts promoting this event, including image suggestions, captions and related hashtags.